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Pro-choice rally! (counter protest)

Alright, so I just got this e-mail, posting it in full here:

EMERGENCY ALERT! Stand Up for Reproductive Rights!
Counter picket at an anti-abortion rally
Sat., Jan. 28, Westlake Park, noon

Dear defenders of women's rights,

Radical Women learned today that anti-abortion forces associated with the "Silent No More Awareness Campaign" will hold their annual rally at Westlake Park this Saturday from noon to 1:30pm. We feel it is important that their presence is countered, as in other years, by a visible and vocal defense of reproductive justice.

Please join abortion rights defenders at noon on Saturday, January 28, outside the coffee kiosk at 400 Pine Street, across the street from Westlake Park. Bring your friends, picket signs, and favorite chants!

Our presence will show that Seattle supports women's right to control their own bodies. For more information, call (206)722-6057 or 722-2453. Please spread the word!

In addition, please follow the link to pressure Senators to support the call for a filibuster. It's now or never time on the Alito nomination! http://www.SaveTheCourt.org/AlitoFilibuster

In struggle,

Christina López
Seattle Radical Women
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