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Bored durring bridge week? Why not learn how to make a comic strip.

As impossible as it may seem some people may get bored durring bridge week, but not to worry kids of Nova, that is where I, Danton J. William Domike(the jay stands for Jay) (call me Tony) come in. I will be teaching a drop-in how to make a comic class. It will be in the same theme/style of the Stefan class that shares the same name. Basicaly how to make comic books/strips, doing collaborative comic strips, and I will try to work in making digital comic strips. But please don't apporach me and ask how to draw Spiderman or any other super hero, I will stare at you blankly, and give you this...
Except it will not be Spiderman at all, it will probaly be robot, or a zombie. But my point is that this will not be a class on how to <b>draw</b> a comic so yeah, don't ask.

Here is the Info
-Time 1:00 (durring bridge week)
-in the Drama (lama?) room
-Try to bring pens, but I can try to gather resources.


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