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Cult of Youth #2 Zine Release party - July 18

Hold your horses kids, the Summer issue of Cult of Youth hits Seattle streets NEXT WEEK! Since its summer, what the heck, let's have a party.

Cult of Youth Reader #2 Release
TUESDAY July 18, 8pm

Chez "HomeRoom"

Cock & Swan
R B Reed
The Way it is

Richard Hugo House
1634 11th Avenue
Seattle, WA 98122
All Ages, $6

Catch this limited edition artist book with biting critical theory, beach-ready reading, refershing viewpoints on the good ol' "age" question, and lots of original art (and a 2-color poster) by the likes of Adam Beadel, Crystal Smith, Luke Ramsey, Marianne Goldin, Aaron Huebner, Julia Gfroerer and more. COY will also be hitting the PDX Zine Symposium later in August, so don't miss your chance to get a rare copy.

Be well,
Marianne (Editor, Cult of Youth Reader)

**The Cult of Youth Project is supported by Sedrat Arts**
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