She-Wolf of the Academics (snorkmaiden) wrote in thenovaproject,
She-Wolf of the Academics

Area Related Request (Alumni Here)

Hi, this is Ravenna, I graduated a couple of years ago. My house is quite literally diagonal from the school, and I have a request.

My dog, Albertina was taken out of our front yard yesterday, and I need help tracking her down. If you see the following dog (Look under cut, please)

Please leave a comment here, or call 206 323 2374 with information as to the where and when and so forth.

The dog responds to Bertie, Albertiny, Albertina and various other versions of said name.
I understand that this may be off topic, but since you are all there, and I'm on the other side of the state, I ask this as a favour.

Thanks very much.
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