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A Survey...

Hey y'all!
  I was a proud Novite '01-'05, and I'm now out on the apposing coast doing the Mount Holyoke College thing for a major in Anthropology. I found myself in a position where the topic of alternative education is perfect for a rather large research assignment, and thought it'd be a good time to re-connect to Novites everywhere! (on Livejournal, anway...)
  So to satisfy my curiosity and academic needs, I'd really appreciate it if you could take a few minutes out of your day/evening/PerpetualPartyPeriod to respond to a few basic corny questions (see below.) This request goes out to both present and past Novites - I'd really appreciate feedback from anyone in the community. And hey: if you know applicable people who don't have Livejournals, go ahead and staple them down to a chair in front of a computer logged into your account so they can pitch in too! If you (or your staple-ee) feel more comfortable responding privately, you can do so by email - send to: ScreeFi at Gmail dot com.
   Enough pleasantries: On to the inquisition! The questions are:

1) What brought you to Nova? Why did you chose alternative education? What needs did you feel Nova could satisfy that the traditional system couldn't?

2) What do/did you think of Nova during your time there? What were your praises and complaints? Were your needs satisfied? How do you think a traditional experience would have compared?

3) a. (If you're a current student-) What are you planning/hoping to do after Nova? What route are you taking to get there? How has Nova helped/hindered you on that journey?
   b. (If you're an ex-Novite-) What are you doing now? Do you feel Nova prepared you well for what you wanted to do? How has Nova helped/hindered you on that journey?

4) Overall, what is your opinion of alternative education? Do you regret at all taking an alternative route?

5) (optional, for my own curiosity only) What's your name, what are/were your years at Nova, and who was your coordinator? (ex: Fiona, '01-'05, w/ Terrance) Any favorite memories?

And that's it! Painless, wasn't it? -well, minus the staples, maybe...
Thanks guys! Take care!

 ~Fiona C
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