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thenovaproject's Journal

Nova Alternative High School
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All Members , Moderated
Welcome to the de-facto Nova Alternative High School LiveJournal community. It isn't official. Go away.

Feel free to discuss any topics relevant to Nova and make sure to invite people to join. It'll be fun. If you see anyone missing, let them know about it.

Make sure to also add novaprojectnews to your friends list. This is a news feed linked to Nova's announcement system.
alumni, am/pm, anime, art share, band class, black, bob, bouncy pipe thing, broadway, budget, bullshitter musicians, captain network, central, coor, cosplay, couches, crackheads, credit, crying while masturbating, cubbies, dilettante's, doug's nuts, dysfunctional heaters, elaine, ezelle's chicken, fat evil katie, furries, geeks, gheys lethbians bithexuals, gossip, graduation, guitars, heroin addicts, hippies, howard zinn, lame indie fucks, livejournal, lounge rats, mice, mouse traps, noam chomsky, paranoid parents, phaylox, poetry, punks, reverse racism, rowan mckaczynski, scorpion king wall, seattle, skipping classes, slacking off, staff infighting, stefan, super seniors, tech, the 3, the 4, the 48, the animation mafia, the ave, the bus pass line, the central district, the computer lab, the dark room, the foresmen, the garden, the lounge, the nova project, trish, twig and berries, vegans